Karyn Orry
Landscapes, Life and Nature



I came across Karyn’s painting,”Bear In The Wood” and I fell l in love with the art immediately.   It was however not the appropriate size for my wall, so I inquired about commissioning a similar painting that would be suitable in dimensions.  Karyn visited the locale, reviewed the space, and we discussed the features of her style that I liked.  She studied my needs and proposed a painting that ideally complimented the space, and was reasonably priced.   She explained the process, her technique, and reassured me that a sketch on canvas will be provided initially for approval.  The painting was delivered on time and as promised.   Her translation of the original “Bear In The Wood” onto a new canvas was flawless and met all my expectations.   It is striking and a definite highlight that demonstrates her talent, and spatial recognition.  Thank you Karyn, for a beautiful artwork.

Alex Cheung






















I have been following Karyn's work for a few years now, and fallen in love with multiple pieces, only to be disappointed that each piece sold before I could make a final commitment to purchase. I remedied this by commissioning Karyn to paint a piece specifically for me. I provided her with very few parameters, other than the basic size and orientation to fit its future home, and of course, I wanted it to contain a bear. That was it. I couldn't be more ecstatic with the final results of my Orry original! It is everything I didn't even know I wanted, and I will enjoy it everyday for years to come. Thanks Karyn!

Raellen Man