Karyn Orry
Landscapes, Life and Nature



I came across Karyn’s painting,”Bear In The Wood” and I fell in love with the art immediately.   It was however not the appropriate size for my wall, so I inquired about commissioning a similar painting that would be suitable in dimensions.  Karyn visited the locale, reviewed the space, and we discussed the features of her style that I liked.  She studied my needs and proposed a painting that ideally complimented the space, and was reasonably priced.   She explained the process, her technique, and reassured me that a sketch on canvas will be provided initially for approval.  The painting was delivered on time and as promised.   Her translation of the original “Bear In The Wood” onto a new canvas was flawless and met all my expectations.   It is striking and a definite highlight that demonstrates her talent, and spatial recognition.  Thank you Karyn, for a beautiful artwork.

Alex Cheung
























I have been following Karyn's work for a few years now, and fallen in love with multiple pieces, only to be disappointed that each piece sold before I could make a final commitment to purchase. I remedied this by commissioning Karyn to paint a piece specifically for me. I provided her with very few parameters, other than the basic size and orientation to fit its future home, and of course, I wanted it to contain a bear. That was it. I couldn't be more ecstatic with the final results of my Orry original! It is everything I didn't even know I wanted, and I will enjoy it everyday for years to come. Thanks Karyn!

Raellen Man



I had already bought another piece by Karyn Orry when I approached her to consider creating a piece for me that incorporated cherry blossoms, which are my favourite thing. We met to discuss the project - colours to use, composition, size of the painting - and soon after she had completed the piece. I had tried to keep my mind fairly blank as I’m not an artist, and I knew that she would be creating a piece that was in her style, so my imagination was not going to be able to envision what the end product would look like. I was so pleased when I finally got to see it and now I have my cherry blossoms to cheer me year round!

Jaime A



My husband and I came across Karyn's artwork while looking at the North Shores Artists' Guild website during their latest online art sale. We instantly fell in love with her unique, bold and whimsical style. There were two paintings we were interested in but one was already sold and the other was outside our price range. We kept thinking and talking about her art and visiting her website…we were officially hooked. Her visual and colourful approach made us instant fans.
We contacted Karyn through her website the next day and told her our interest in a particular painting, but it was outside our price range. She mentioned that it had sold as well but pointed out that she would be glad to do a commission piece that would fit into our budget. 
This began our very pleasant and interactive commission journey with Karyn. We spoke of the two paintings that had caught our eyes and hearts and wondered whether a hybrid of the two paintings would be possible. The response…absolutely. We had a thorough and productive web meeting where there was a wonderful free flowing of ideas between the three of us. She provided several canvas sizes and prices that would accommodate our financial comfort zone. She listened…very closely…to our requests and when we agreed to a common vision…followed up in an email with all the ideas we had agreed to. An inspired artist? Yes!! But also efficient, precise and organized!
Two weeks later we got a text saying our painting was ready. Karyn came by in person to deliver it. She wore a mask, sanitized her hands and took her shoes off at the door. These actions took away any anxiety that my husband and I had about welcoming her into our home.
The painting? ABOVE AND BEYOND our expectations. The colours, the ideas, the special requests? All there!!! It's beautiful and it moves us every time we pass by it.
The experience from start to finish was beyond professional and enjoyable. So much so that we have already contacted her for another commission. A treasured photo from our last trip to Hawaii. We know she will do it justice!
Thank You Karyn!!

Stephane & Shawn